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screwed up the other day, it's not the first time and it sure won't be the last
i posted this in the wrong place and that was only one of the screw ups for THAT day

let me try this again...

building an engine test stand from junk
this is adjustable to fit any big twin
adjusts up and down for belt slack and east and west for different sprocket shaft lengths
here's a pic of a start on it...

fired a shovel on it last week end
nothing went bang but i have a few bugs to work out yet
the rusty pulley will power a big fan for cooling
on the other end it will have a big hydraulic pump so i will be able to place a load on the engine.
the whole idea behind the stand was to do basic tuning of timing and carbs before the engines go back to the owners
maybe it will give the rings a head start on seating too

anyone else ever build one to do the same, sure would be interested in a pic if you have.

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here's the first engine on the stand to run, a 103 inch.
figured that should test the stand in a hurry and it did.
i found the need for loctite on the shaft bearings and set screws.
still need to build a panel for mounting coils, a switch and then some exhaust supports...

i mostly wanted to fire an engine on it to see if it's worth the trouble of setting up the hydraulic system to place the load on it.
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