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During my lunch break from work today (hottest day of the year), my bike conks out on me today in a busy 6 lane intersection. I hop off and push it onto the sidewalk, across the grass, to a gas station; turns out to be a dead battery (draining somewhere). After an hour (yes I'm late), a temper, sweating like a bitch (still hot as shit out),and little fanagling I wind up with a new battery and a possible cause for the drain. But somehow I burnt my starter up trying to get it started (old battery) again so I have to push start it (godamn it, I knew I shoulda got the kicker). sucess!!! I ride to the battery shop (where I bought the new one), owner says he'll check my charge. I wait in line in the shop while my bike is running outside (getting hot, I'm getting hotter). So I go out to shut it off, full knowing that I'm gonna have to push start that bitch again in 5 minutes, plus I'm starting to run out of gas (and patience). Minutes later, he's ready to check the charge, so I gotta push it again (where's the goddamn kicker?). It's the hottest day of the year (did I already mention that?) and it won't fuckin start, so I push over and over (almost started a few times). I'm frikkin spent. Then a fellow comes over to ask if I need help pushing (yes!! relief) and I say "absolutely, thanks" then he looks at my bike and says
"oh I see your problem!"
and I say
then he says
"Yeah, it's an EVO".

moral of the story?

Don't ever fucking do that.

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