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Old Motorycle Dealer Decals

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I thought that it would be kinda cool to start a picture thread of old motorcycle dealer water slide decals. The artwork on these old decals is just too cool! I've got a few hiding on my hard drive and I'll post em as I find em. Here is the first....I actually think that I may have snaged this one from the JJ.Photobucket
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Anyone got anymore these decals are awesome.
Not from a specific dealer, but very much in the same vein:

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Cool decal! I wonder what the signifigance of the Scott is? Here is one along those same lines.
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Come on guys..what else do you have? I need more!
I wonder what the signifigance of the Scott is?

The Scott used to be a symbol for "thrifty". Don't see it much anymore, guess it's not pc..........
Man, I would kill for one of the Boutwell's Cycle Center ones from the first post. Bob Boutwell was the original owner of my '40 T100. That would be cool as hell on my oil tank!!!

Jock E Shift, you wouldn't have another Dimmick sticker would you? I bought my first new Harley fromTed in 77 and then another in 80. In the early 70s he rebuilt my 53 panhead and I bought a 66 motor a couple years later. He was one of the few dealers in upstate N.Y that would give a chopper rider the time of day back in the 70s.
thats just a pic i took from rhinebeck last june,if you were to go there i would bet you can find a nos sure someone upthere could hook you up..
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