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Ok Sportster guys, stand up...

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Ok so I've been going to rallies all my life. It started in the early 70's for me and the difference between a rally today and a rally in the days of yore are profound. And one of the biggest differences that bugs me the most is the way the Sportster gets treated at runs/rallies now.

They get tagged as a "bitch-bike" or a "little" bike, and in terms of status, well let's just say I have to look up a lot of noses before I can look a fellow rider in the eyes....

The way I have always seen it is quite different. The Sportster is the Hot Rod of the brand. It is smaller, lighter, and tighter - it always reminds me of a little Duece roadster, cut-down and purpose built for racing. It is the best performer out of the box and it is built to handle and perform quite well thank you very much. In fact back when my dad was young he told me that the Sporty was the bike to have. It was the bike of choice for most younger guys and the larger bikes were left for the old men. When his friends and he were out chopping & stretching a bike it was usually a Sporty. And the whole time I was growing up my father always had a hopped Sportster around. Maybe that's why I love them.

When the time came for me to get a bike of my own there was no question - it had to be a Sporty. I could have bought a Super Glide or a Softtail. Cost was never the issue. I actually WANTED a Sportster!!

So why should I feel like I am getting sand kicked in my face at a rally? The answer is - I shouldn't. When we get rolliing on the road and the big bike riders get throttle happy or start fooling around, I can take solice in the knowledge that my "little" bike will stomp a big fucking mud-hole in their ass at the drop of a hat.......

So they might have a more flashy or a prettier bike than I do, so what. I put all my dough into the "GO".....Chrome can't bring it home as they say.

So there it is. Anyone else feel the way I do? Post up some pics of your "little" bike and tell me how you feel. This is our place, and we should stand up and be counted, together.....that plus I want to know how many other guys dig Sporties. :)
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Everyone I've been around dig the sporties I have/had.

There are lots of comments about how small it is but that usually leads into how managable or fast it is.

When we roll up to the bike nights 'round town there's usually a handfull of "real" bikers that look at mine and ask if my girl let me take her bike for a ride. The majority of riders though tell me all about how they wish they would have kept there sport and blah blah blah.
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