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Ok if spokes touch each other ?

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I scored a Sportster front drum laced to an aftermarket wheel off of E-bay. All of the spokes are touching each other where they cross and there is a slight arc to every spoke. It seems consistent around the wheel. Should I send it back or run it ?
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Pretty common problem. The drum brake wheel takes a drum brake rim. The angles are different, due to the size of the drum, versus the size of a disc hub. They came with a aluminum rim, but when they got bent, most people replace with a steel one, and about half the time, they get the one for the disc hub. I have a customer, who has the same thing on his, and he rides it every day. Personally, I would not be so trusting. If you have ever had a front blowout, or lost a wheel bearing, you will do anything to keep that front wheel rolling smoothly. Not to hard to fix, you just need new spokes and the correct rim. As long as they are not rusting heavily, and the spoke itself, damaged, I would say you could ride it for a while, but I would check the spokes, every time I rode it.
touching is ok, bending against each other is not.
Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to run it like it is and keep a close eye on it. They're only slightly arced. If it seems to cause trouble, I'll go another route. I knew I got it at a good price for a reason !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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