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Oil tank fittings?

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does anyone sell oil tank fittings made up for triumphs? i got a killer custom tank that has threaded inlet/oulet holes, 1/4" NPT.

if not, does anyone know the diameters of the inlet, oulet & rocker feed ports?
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haha, dig it. i did notice they had some interesting fittings when i was there. ill go back & check it out tonight. thanks.
ok, i checked lowes out last night & i see the sort of stuff i need. it'll probably only be a few bucks too. i just need to know the diameter of the tank outlet i need and the diameter of the inlet AND rocker feed. can i put a reducer in the tank side of the T on the return to create pressure to send oil through the rocker feed. has anyone used standard plumbing fittings for thier tank? got a parts list? thanks!
I also have questions here, if someone could explain the prefered set up for a Triumph oil tank it would be helpful. The one that came with my bike was already drilled. I assume compression fittings are OK to use in this application?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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