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oil blowing out crankcase vent

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i have a 1993 sportster that i put new top end gaskets on went for a ride within a 5 mile ride i had oil all over the bike. the oil came from the crankcase vent on the rear cylineder any ideas why. the bike had no miss fires no lack of power just lost all the oil out of oil tank!
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shit i just noticed it was a 93. ha. my bad.
Did you replace the base gaskets? If the cylinders were off and the ring package got the gaps all lined up, or perhaps the rings didn't seat in the cylinders again(could the cylinders have been switched front to back?) then you would have combustion pressure leaking heavily into the crankcase. That would cause breather carry over. Just a couple of ideas, I'm not trying to diagnose, as that would require a lot more information.
do you have an oil tank with the tubes inside? it might just have broken off and the oil is back flowing to the motor.

an easy way to tell if your tank has the tubes is if all the inlets and outlets on the tank are on the lower half of the tank
I would take the return line loose, and see if the oil is returning to the tank. Also that there is no obstruction in the return line in the tank.
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