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Price750 OBO
$750 Shipped. Trades considered

Bought these off here a few months back and decided to just get a set of STD's instead so I woulnd't have to change out my unrun cylinders and pistons currently on my 58'. These came off a running bike per the previous owner's add. They definitely need a little going over. Complete to the rockers. See the pics for information. One chipped fin (under the cover and I have the chip) due to shipping mishap, otherwise fine. The typical spark plug port cracks inside, don't carry through to outside. One head (front) is cracked from the valve seat to the stud. Other than that, they're old panheads. Run them 'as is' or get them fixed. Open to trades on panhead stuff, frames, front ends, whatever.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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