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O/T: Nostalgia Drags this weekend 5/20...Free Passes

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The ANRA invites all JJ'ers out to the ANRA Spring Nationals this Saturday, May 20, 2006 at Los Angeles County Raceway.

180 MPH supercharged slingshots and altereds.
7 second blown gassers.
we have 10 classes of action in all, so bring your NHRA legal street or race machine out. something for everyone.

We're talking about putting together a class for motorcycles ('70s and eariler) IF we can get a 6-8 bike commitment.
if your interested, shoot me a PM and a phone number.

if you'd like complimentary admission for you and your family/friends, just shoot me a PM and i'll get passes to you.

Gates open at 7:00
Qualifying at 9:00
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