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o/t link to our live demo mp3...

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More of a recording of our practice. My band is called Zombie Surf Camp. It's a mix of garage/surf/punk. Anyway, this is the 2nd practice with the new bassist (me) and drummer. Takes a bit to download. Anyway, if you're into that sort of thing check it out. We've got a lot of shows comin up in So Cal. If you got hook ups with the bookin guy at your local dive hit us up.

it's a little rough.

you can also check out more about the band at

I think my ZSC name is gonna be Von Ripper (as a tribute to Eric Von Zipper). Is that motorcycle content enough to be considered slightly on topic?
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i can dig it man, my kinda shit.... come out with an album
Thanks man, actually it's already in the works. They had a alblum recorded then 2 members quit so they canned it and we're re-recording it. There's already some indie labels that are interested. We also have a split 7" (yea, vinyl!) coming out with our friends that should be ready around christmas (great stockin stuffer). :)
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