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I been around for a few weeks, crakin and commentin bout others. Thought I had better show sumptin of my own.
I have 4 project bikes going together right now.
I hope to have em runnin by bike week.
These were all baskets or swap meet bikes.
I have been concentrating on EVO only stuff with electric start and 5 speeds.
I still have a couple of 4 speed kickstart tranys and open belt drives around, just not using them . I just have too much in evo 5 speed stuff I need to get out. Anyway here is a few pics.


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i tried to post more pics butt I couldnt
I goda do some figgerin
Use photobucket, it's super easy. Download the photos to photobucket, then copy the img tag and paste it here in your post. Hit enter between each tag so that the photos are vertical and not horizontal.

Try it and hollar if you have any questions.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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