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hey hey people, here's another intro
my handle is the same on the hamb- i'm super stoked about this board though. i'm more interested in bikes than cars, bikes have always been first for me.
when i was 17 (nine years ago) i got a yamaha ysr and thought it was the coolest. then i got into sport bikes. then when i went to univiversity and the money ran out, i got a honda chopper for a few hundred bucks. that's how it started.
eventually i got into triumphs, getting my hands on a freshly built bike that needed some sorting out. i loved that thing. decided i wanted to do a hot rod and i traded it to Eyeball, who finished it off and sorted it out, and from what i could tell it ended up being a real nice bike. i don't know where it is now, but i heard that it was striped by von franco, which i thought was really cool, being from alberta and all.
i wanted another triumph and got in touch with Trent aka RockyMtnPits who sold me a 69 tr6r. i've been chipping away at it ever since, but it's taking forever. but hey, i want to do it right, so no hurry i suppose. i got a hardtail section for it from WillyJ, looks awesome.
i also have an '84 xs650 special, which i love. i plan on doing some custom work to it too, but not real chopper-y stuff. more of a street bike/tracker that the japanese are building. that's going to wait till winter though, as it's my daily.

if this board turns out to be anything like that hamb was, i can't wait. i can tell from some of the names here that it's going to be the best site for this stuff.

oh yeah- and just because i've had few neat bikes doesn't mean i know a damn thing. i desperately need this board and you guys to get my triumph on the road!
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