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North BC Evo Build

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Hey everybody.

I want a bike that is simple, reliable, and easy to work on.

Here's the sob story, please skip it:
I've been working on and collecting parts for this bike for 8 years and have since had three kids and two career changes. Waiting for the perfect part, and remaking things over and over to get it just right was no problem cause a drivetrain was not in the foreseeable future. My parents were the kind of bikers some folks here might not take to. (This is going somewhere, I promise.) They wore chaps and had no clue how their bikes worked. But, they also took them from the Pacific to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico several times. Last Christmas, they had an accident and will no longer be riding. My Mom tried to give me her bike, but I told her that she shouldn't give up on riding again, and besides, mine was almost done. One day my Dad called me, they sold my Mom's Honda, and his Road King. They wanted to see my bike done so some of the money went to a crate evo and a magneto. Now, I need to get this heap on the road. Now. So, clean lines and perfect parts be damned. If it's in the pile and can be made to work, it's going on the bike.

There's nothing groundbreaking going on, and my fabrication skills are marginal at best, but I'll show some of the parts i did myself as it goes together.

This is where she sits tonight:

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Where'd you get the RWL Qualifier?
Its a K627. Got it from a Yamaha dealer 3 years ago.
The air cleaner came with a box of take-offs. So, on it goes... kinda.

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what do you have for parts? and what do you need?
seems like a lot of bits surface up for decent prices on here,shouldnt take to long to get that machine road ready i would assume,sorry to hear your folks had a mishap and took a time out..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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