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No Spark 'til Brooklyn.

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Saturday was the hottest day of Summer. Almost 100 degrees on the thermometer. We had plans to go to Brooklyn, NYC to see the Rumblers show at Union Pool. At the first gas stop in New Haven, Mark Q's shifter broke on the Tevo.
The bike broke down in front of Longshot's Bar. Mark and Todd took a survey of what was needed and hit the hardware store.
The heat outside was unbearable, but inside the bar was ice cold. I asked the nice bartender that since there were no other customers in the joint, if we could fix the bike in their air conditioned paradise. She said no bikes have ever been inside this place and if we though we could fit it through the narrow doorway, we could do it.
Yankee ingenuity got the shifter fixed and we were ready to continue. Mark fired up the bike and the brand new ignition system failed. It was a special single fire set up for the Twin Cam/Evo engine. A local guy from the neighborhood offered us his garage, tools and pickup. We could not get her running.
Bike busted, 100 degrees, here is our hero. He offered us to hang around in his backyard sanctuary. Pool, beer, pizza, music. We waited here while Capt. Sparrow brought a truck down from Mudville.
Capt. Jake Sparrow arrived and it was time to say goodbye to our new buddy, Dave. He showed us much hospitality and old school brotherhood.
The remaining bikes rolled up the Merrit and I-91 as fast as they could. Chet's motor blew up at 100 mph.
Chet's rear piston shows the evidence of abuse at the hands of a sunburned, chlorine smelling, Jack Daniels powered choppafreak. New pistons on order
The whole album.
Ray in CT
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