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Grease Monkey said:
Remember fellas, revolutions aren't just for engines. ;)

You said it! Welcome to the New World Order! I'm tired of watching people cow down to these fucking politicians! Every motherfuckin day, we lose more of our rights and no one seems to be fighting back. We voted these assholes in, now its time to get them out! And it aint just the custom bike thing, its all of our rights. I'm not a political cook by anymeans, but I'm the age where this stuff is really starting to matter and hit home. We stay on the path were on, we sink to 3rd world country status. just my little rant. sorry
I couldn't agree more. Every day I see another of my interests coming closer and closer to extinction. I'm getting to the age where I'm making enough scratch and am aquiring enough knowledge to start making cool stuff and the MAN steps in and cuts me off at the pass. I'm almost in tears....
1 - 1 of 77 Posts
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