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If you haven't read my post from last week (Nice Ride Today), then you won't understand this week's ride.

Things started out pretty well. I got the itch to see if my bike was holding a charge. It had been a week since my last ride, so it was off to the garage to give her a few kicks. I was surprised that she lit after one kick and the usual routine every Brit bike must follow. Choke. Gas. Key. Tickle the throttle. Strong kick. Yes. Its alive again. Piece of wood for a kickstand in case I do stop anywhere. Not going far again, just up to the corner store. I won't miss my turn again like last time. Don't want any un-nessasary attention from the fuzz.

Idle has a nice healthy lope. Valves are telling me they are doing thier job. I know when things get quiet it's time to lossen them up. leaks seem to be almost gone. It may need oil..

The big clunk into first and I'm off. Wave to the neighbor and I'm rolling. turn the corner and listen to her talk again. Perfect day. Cool breeze and 70 degrees. Sun is shining. All is right.

The ride to the store is one that I wanted to set my head right for the week. Shifts are smooth and the bike is perfectly in tune with my mind. Its way too short of a ride, but I get to the store and turn around in the lot. Goose it a couple of times just to clear out the carb...Now they're looking. Pull back out onto the road and head home. This time I'm gonna take it easy. this time I'm making the turn off the main road and going home. This time? No cops, I'm thinking.

Hit a couple of stop signs for the neighborhoods. First one. Complete stop, yet the Triumph is so well balanced, I don't need to put my feet down. look both ways, feet still on the pegs, and thats when I see him. local cop again, coming the other way. If it weren't for the trees I could see my house, maybe a 1/4 mile away..

I'm not sure if it was "him". the cop from the gas station last week. But whoever it is, he knows its me. Not too many of these around. Just a local young law man.

He passes me and instantly, my first instinct is to run. Jack Rabbit my ass out of there. The border of PA a Delaware is so close. right past my house. split decission. I hit it. by the time that big slug of an SUV has time to turn around and make chase on my stupid ass, i'm already in high gear and through the second stop sign, followed by a red light, right turn and then its a quick left, through my yard and into the garage hidden behind my house. off with the key, slam the double barn doors and through my back door in less time than it takes to write this.

Through the kitchen and while taking off my black T-shirt and putting on my white one. out the front door cool as can be, over to my neighbor's. Hes laughing his ass off and wants to know why the locals flew by my house so fast, down the hill and over the border, then came back real slow, giving HIM the stink eye. "I gave it right back to him..". Hey...were they chasing you? No. wasn't me.

Thats it, Jesus. No more playing around like a kid. Time to get on the straght and true. I'm too old for this. I just wanted a ride. A simple ride...

Next week i'll have forgotten about it. I'll get the itch. Choke. Gas. Key. Tickle the....

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