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hi people, newby to this site, my name is winsor, live in a small (3 pub) town, 270 klms south of perth in western australia. have owned my 1973 T150V for nearly 20 years and have put VERY few kilometres on it in that time. decided last year it was do or sell time so pulled it down. got to the stage where it was time to start spending money on it and things ground to a halt.... but, am about to get frame painted, then can start slowly replacing things, putting them back together. have bought a few parts, main thing being full tri spark system, the rest small things from lp williams in uk. plan to build rolling bike myself, hand engine over to a pro. will not be resto.
work in offshore oil/ gas industry- diver/rigger.
also use and triumph, look at the bike pics for ideas & inspiration, readers questions for education.
my 1st bike build.
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