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Newbie in Kansas City

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Hey fellas,
I am a 22 year old grad student at Cleveland Chiropractic College and have just "inherited" a 1967 TR6. I have always had a passion for classic cars and classic motorcycles, especially Triumphs! My dad taught me at an early age to respect and love old bikes and cars. I have grown up working on old cars, but I haven't been exposed to many classic bikes (in the means of crude mechanic work). I am mainly hoping to gain some knowledge and learn a few tricks of the trade as I transform my semi-stock TR6 into a classy bobber. However, I have been secretly lurking around here for a couple months reading all kinds of threads about fab work and creative thinking before I start my project. I have also been gaining knowledge from my grandpa, who was a mechanic and engineer for over thirty years, and some local guys that also creep around the JJ foums from time to time. Anyways, I will likely start a thread soon showing the progress of my build, and I will definitely be learning from all the mechanical masterminds on here.
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Welcome Trumper from Sedalia.
The ammount of info on here is overwelming, do your research and have fun. Oh ya, post up some pics, we likes our pics, D.
^^ +1^^

welcome from Norway
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