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Newbie from western New York

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Hello all, My name is Killy and I will be posting around the board as blackbee. I am from the Fredonia NY area just down the Lake Erie shoreline from Buffalo. I grew up doing trail riding and motocross so the 2 wheeled lifestyle is in my blood.
I own a little but classy tattoo studio here named True Blue Tattoo, been established in this town for 12 years so far. We are a state university college town, so business is good enough to keep the bills payed and start a little bike project.

I have a Pile of parts that was once a 1954 Triumph T110 Tiger 650, I am not a mechanic or greatly skilled welder but I am a perfectionist so little things bug me till it gets hashed out. I am a fairly well rounded do it yourselfer but we shall see. I may be asking a bunch of dumb questions here if I cant find the answer first in the board. I bought Wes's DVD series from Low brow customs, so that should help. Wes has also been very helpful via email with my questions and finding some parts for me.

A little shout out to supercrouton, Dans bikes are what led me to get involved in this project. I love what he does, absolute perfection. Maybe for the right price he will build me one of his famous vertical oil tanks.

As for a scene here, it is just Harley guys mostly new bikes not a whole lot of custom anything. Then the young croud has the crotch rockets. The British bikes are just not done around here which is one more reason I like them.

I guess I need to find a file sharing site to host some pictures so you all can see my pile of parts and slow progress.

Let me say that I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Just build my dream bike that I will keep and love forever.
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Here are a few pictures of what I picked up as it looked when it got here. Enjoy....

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Nice project.. Im in the Falls messing with Triumphs myself, welcome. Ken.
Wecome! And thanks for the kind words. So you're jumping right in with a pre unit, Cool! Keep us updated on your progress:D
Cheers, Dan.
Thanks for the welcome guys.
Ken, we are right down the road from each other, thats cool.
Dan, yes sir, pre unit is what I figure is best for a 50's style bobber. Going to do a mostly flat black paint, red P.C. wheels and white walls.
Spent a few hours cleaning up the metal on the gearbox in prep for polishing. Cracked her open also and started cleaning the crust off.

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