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I am new to Triumphs and forums, so excuse me if I am starting off wrong. I need some experienced advice on a number of things about a project I am trying to get going on.

Questions range from mixing and matching pre unit and unit parts to asking for info and advice on components and sludge traps.

In short, I have parts from a 1950 6T Pre unit and parts from a 1968 or 69 dual carb 650. I have performance parts and want to build a custom pre unit with 750 kit, ported & polished head and more.

I am under the impression that classic Triumph 650 parts are pretty interchangeable, but some changes are better than others.

As it stands, I have a rebuilt 1950 gear box. I am considering buying 1962 cases, being under the impression that is the best pre unit for the larger crank bearings and running a 68/69 crankshaft. I have megacycle cams bought for the 1950 which plan to run in the 650 cases. I have a Routt's 750 kit, too. Is this going to work?

If you are wondering why I don't use the 1950 cases,, it is because the crank bearing area has been bored and sleeved. They are unfinished and I am not sure about alignment. I also have been told the 1950 uses the smaller, and less desirable, crank bearings.

If anyone would address these items, I'd REALLY appreciate it.
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