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I have an '02 America with 17k on it. Beautiful bike, zero reliability problems. You might want to check over at for photos of customized bikes. (only one hardtail, the one in the Horse) A number of swing-arm bobbers are in there. Of course, not much off-the shelf stuff available, but if you are here - you can probably make your own.

Performance wise, you have to rejet the carbs, swap pipes and modify the airbox, but if you do the fun factor goes up considerably. I can run heads up with a stock 1200 Sporty and a most of the Big Twins in this area.

Trumpnut was right, once you start modifying, the other areas need attention. I put Progressive Suspension stuff on my bike last year and new Metzlers, but improvement.

Triumph dealers, unlike the Motor Company will let you take a test ride. The standard Bonnie is a little lighter than a Sporty and I'd bet handles a lot better.

Unfortunately, a lot of the dealers don't seem to be real swift, so be prepared to do your own stuff. My bike has never been back to the dealer and I plan to keep it that way.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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