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Moonshiners said:
Any one had any experience with the new trumpet bonnies from "our" point of view?

The MS' was looking at a Sporty but sudenly taken a shining to the New Bonnies, Being from what I've heard Reliable and comfortable and fairly cheap could be a plan, but any REAL experiences would be great, also any one tried modifying one (even mildly?)

I know there not the same as the old ones and all that..., just looking for a good little runner for her, and looking for real experiences, knowledge...
They are good bikes to start playing with. I've got free flow exhausts, reworked carbs and airbox, uprated suspenion front and rear, uprated front brake, black powder coated alloy rims (larger width rear), flatrack bars, bobbed rear fender, smaller indicators, alloy sprockets etc. Then they are a real fun bike. Attached a picture hope it works?



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