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Hello, i'm new to this site. A very knowledgeble guy told me about it today. I have a 1960/64 panhead I'm putting back together. Used to belong to my brother who passed away last June. He had it for over 30 years. I have a bunch of grown kids who remember it when they were little. So, I'm trying to get it back in the condition it was back in the 70's. It's been a trip of discovery. The left case numbers identify it as a 1960. the heads have the outside oil lines (63-64?) Transimission, I think, is a 64. Has a chain primary but oil lines were cut like it had a belt at one time. Anyway, just thought I'd post and maybe post some pics also. I do have a question. I'm trying to put a 4 over sporster front end (trust me, it had an extended front end on it at one time) on it and have the front end but the stem is too short and too small. I heard I could get a new stem or bearings? Any input would be appreciated.



VT No: 24-0804
OEM No: 45567-71
Black lower triple tree accepts 33.4mm fork tubes.
Lock tab not included, may be purchased separately but needs to be welded on.
FX 1971-1972

The above tree would allow a early Sportie fork to work..

The one below is for the 35mm tubes

VT No: 24-0805
OEM No: 45608-77A
Black lower triple tree accepts 35mm fork tubes.
FX 1973-1984

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