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Include info about your bike(s), your scene, your job, your projects, etc.

I recently sold a 1973 Triumph I refurbished. When I was done it was red and 9ft long. I currently have a 2005 Yamaha Road Star 1700 that was in HORRENDOUS shape due to the previous owner, but I'm fixing that crap.
I dig working with my hands in metal, leather, wood, etc. I also brew my own beer from time to time or go out and enjoy someone else's.
Favorite hang outs, Draught House, Opal Divine's, Gingerman, etc.
Did the Navy and sheriff's gig for a while then fell into logistics in the 90's. Got tired of that and decided to go back to college in my 40's for Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design, Mechanical Specialization. For brevity I usually just say, 3D Mechanical
Working at starting up a business of finding, refurbishing and then selling bikes. They all deserve a second chance and when I'm long gone, some of the ones I've touched will still be on the road. :)
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