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Greetings to all,
Found this board at the 'Flyrite' site and decided it may just be where it's at so far as traditional chops are concerned. Used to spend a lot of time on another board but have long since lost interest. Seems most everyone there has lost touch with the essence of scooterdom and all they want to talk about is how much crap they can bolt on their new clones.

Had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a few of Flyrites finest while at MB and was quite impressed with the dead on simplistic approach they've taken with their bikes. Seems they've got it all together now........

So here's where my head's at as of late. Been thinkin' hard about parting ways with my all SE 95" hi comp '99 DX and ponying up to a Flyrite Bobber. I don't think the ride quality would differ much since I've taken away most of the rear wheel travel with a set of hard assed short shocks. Never piloted a hardtail before but what little I get to ride and the shortish duration I'm in the saddle at one sitting, I think I could live with it.

Now to get the price of admission for my hotshit Twinkie Dyna may be another story but there's an ass for every seat and I've got a couple extras that'll go with. Maybe that'll increase the chances of unloading this fine motorsickle... Yeh riiight!

The thought of 100 horses pullin' around less than 500 pounds sounds mighty nice. About 150 pounds less than my DX w/the same power? Argh, argh, argh, argh,argh!
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