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New personal bike

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This things been rolling around in my head for years, collecting a part here and there.. Its time to start putting the pieces together.

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"Cassousel" bikes made me wonder...


Color in tanks/bike is WoW !!!

Paint is amazing!

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Thanks guys, I never stopped being at it.. just not publicly showing much.
WOW! LOVE the color and the brush painted artwork. Looks Fantastic!
WOW! LOVE the color and the brush painted artwork. Looks Fantastic!
Mitch Cotie, amazing work. Mitch is a good friend and we had been talking about this for a few years. I finally nailed down the exact way I wanted to roll and let him go nuts. Truly amazing.

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That's the prettiest Atomic bike I've seen. Love the murals, it's gonna kick ass!
Love the KQ seat and the paint is spot on,cant wait to see her done.
Fuck that negative shit people are saying, that bike is going to be awesome. The artwork rules!
WOW! Thanks for the close ups! Nothin' like NORDIC WINTER BRUTALITY!!! What is that silver leaf around the perimeter?
paint reminds me of a Frazetta Conan piece. Great work!
Love the color choice, the paint and leatherwork are awesome. No mention anywhere of whats gonna power it?
Its a Knuckle, just waiting on some parts to put it together..
Digging everything I'm seeing my only criticism is not enought pictures, anyway, Semper Fi.
i heart mitch cotie.

bike is lookin good.
Uh oh, Trent is back....
Really looking forward to this one.
Just out of curiosity, what kind of paint do these guys use when brush painting on a tank? Looks amazing.
Pretty sure he used 1 Shot.
better grow your hair a little longer to pull that one off! I personally like it alot! keep them pics coming. Paint should make it over to friday art page. I like a finished looking bike/ clean and sanitary makes for ease of maintenance!
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