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New personal bike

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This things been rolling around in my head for years, collecting a part here and there.. Its time to start putting the pieces together.

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Looks like you designed the sissy bar, to fit your garage. Not crazy about the fuel tank, but it is not mine, so my opinion does not matter. Also looks like you had a lot of fuel tanks to choose from. What motor you running?
good lookin seat, is that a stash pocket or something on the left side?
I hate sissy bars/king queens. But I like that frame and tanks. Color is rad. The seat looks like great quality even if it isn't what I like. Keep it coming Trent.
Yes, I build the Pan Xian did the leather (of course), amazing seat.. Mitch Cotie painted the murals, brush painted.. not airbrush..
Oh, those murals look awesome. Close-ups please!
Looks great. I like it all, and it's nice to see a frame mounted seat nowadays.
+1. With speed and noise on a close up of the mural
that is some cool classic art.very nice start,I kinda see
a knuck in there myself.I'm about to attempt to make
a seat pan that would be similiar to your k/g.I hope it
comes out half has good as yours.
Any detailed pics of the murals? PLEEEEASE???
Sissy bars and King/Queen seats do look bad EXCEPT for a bike like that. Gonna look great.
Killer seat/sissy bar and that paint is amazing.

Great to see you back posting, what else have you been working on?
shits lookin good,wouldnt change a thing,do you have a side shot or the mockup with front end?
Waiting on the front leg to get back from chrome, I made a twisted front end to match some of the other twisted parts.

Mitch and his amazing brush work.

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Great to see you back posting, what else have you been working on?
Mostly old bikes ;) and staying off the interweb boards.
looks awesome man..keep us posted on the build..
great job trent and nice placement of the "DST" stickers
awesome self portrait on the tanks!
Love the color scheme
trent great to see you are back at it ,i always like your builds
they have that trent-ish signature to them ;)

keep the pic's comming !!

cheers philip
1 - 20 of 66 Posts
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