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Hello, Im Steve from the uk 52 years young and been riding bikes since the 70s, just joined JJ, but have been following in the shadows for a while, seen some really cool builds and good tech stuff, have not posted before as all my bikes have been stock and im a member of the triumph owners club (They dont really like you cutting and grinding) and brit forum. Anyway have been thinking about building something personal for a while, have been looking for a pre unit to get started, Pre units in the uk are a small ransom, luckly i have a mate who buys and sell bikes in the uk and the US whos been in the sates this past month,so he will ship a 59 pre uint back for me, the motor runs/frames good, got a late 120 tank and front end and good wheels. carnt wait to get started!
Have got the hardtail here already + a cool 6t oil tank
i will post my build, im thinking do a chunk of work on it and then post.
Anyway im gonna try and post as often as poss
One of the reasons im posting today is, i tried to buy a Wassell Banana tank on the board, and was told i need to hang out on the forums abit more. Im cool with that (when in Rome) .
Anyway good to get started. Cheers Steve
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Welcome Steve . Good luck with the Triumph-that looks like a good place to start !
A friend of mine has a Banana tank , he never parts with the good stuff normally , but if you want , i'll ask him !
Thanks for saying hello, yeah would appreciate a lead on a tank! got a friend in the US at moment could ship to, no harm in asking. Cheers Steve
Welcome from Michigan. Good luck with the hunt, and build.
thanks for the support, I'm probably gonna be posting in all the wrong places, as it all seem abit complicated at moment, anyway i will hang in there and hopefully have something interesting to say or NOT!
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