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new member,just a rookie in IL

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Been ahwile but finaly have enuf parts to start my 2nd bike build.was going to hardtail and bob out,but decided to keep the price cheep and just use swap meet parts.its a 76 fx maybe fxe cant remember off hand.motor looked good inside so just cleaned it up,new rings,gaskets,adjustable pushrods and new lifters.coulda used a valve job but wasnt enuf wear for me to spend the money.working on finding a cheap fx or mid glide front insted of the FL i have.put my heritage springer on,but not sure i like it on this bike,plus i have as much in it as whole bike almost.heres some pics,just started last night so will post more as i get things done.picturs are horrible,but no extra cash for a camera.

since the heritage springer has rake built in the trees,is the front tire to close to the frame?where it would make it dangerous?any help much appriciated

Hello,name is scott.have had a few harleys in my younger days,but never really was a biker.didnt ride em much at all.nowdays i cant get enuf.Dont have a great paying job,so have to dig threw and build from junk,but have plenty of time so kinda works i run demo derbys so def no how to fab a part or is a pic of my first bike i built.i hand made all forward controls,and any brackets.made the bars and risers.foot clutch hand shift,tranny case was busted from broken chain,took me 2 weeks to fill it in with weld and grind it back perfect tho.has a 1340 evo,freshend the top up.runs strong.going to sell the bike to start on a shovel project,im hooked on the vintage stuff.all harley parts next time,no aftermarket.

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Welcome, Nice looking bike.
Thanks.this forum is great.awsome bikes,parts at decent prices.
glad to have ya here,hey we are almost neighbors,i'm in st.louis right by the jb bridge.good to see people close by on the board.great looking bike to.
is that huge parts place in st.louis resonable on prices?been trying to get there but never get time.
Welcome,we shall see what happens in the near future.
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