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Just joined you board, and it's amazing to see how much great bikes you guys are building! Lots og inspiration here.
I'm from Norway and my main inerests are old bikes and old american cars.
I've restored a few biks, but never built a custom one. After looking around here it sure gives me inspiration on staring on a Bobber. Already ordered a Cole Foster Bobber tank. Now I just need the rest, I've got a late 30's Terrot 500 onebanger engine that might be fun to use (it sure would be unusual with this engine). We'll see. I'm also near done restoring a Triumph TigerCub that's original.
From before I've restored a 54 NSU Konsul 500ccm and a few late 60s Suzuki two strokes. My 68 Suzuki T500 Cobra has got a sligt cafe racer look, but I'm not going to talk to much about these jap bikes here.
The NSU I got from my dad when I was about 12 and hadn't cut my hair for over a year. If he could cut my hair, and make me look decent again, I would get the bik. Ofcourse I did!
We'll, enough about me! Nice to join you guys! :cool:
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