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new member dan

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My name is Dan Fey I'm 32 live in Lawrenceburg,IN. Closest city to me is cincinnati, OH. I've known about this site for some time and have used it for info always looking for ideas and parts. I do sheetmetal at a roofing company so your goin see alot of copper brass and stainless on my bikes.

I've been ridin and buildin for about 7 years. Bought my first shovel and within months it was in boxs, and not sittin worked on it everyspare min. I had.

At this time I have a 49 pan that just finished, I got the 80 shovel (my 1st build) and a streetglide for ridin wife and kids.

Goin to try to post pics better at bikes than computers, but I'm learning.
Lookin forward to being involved.

Can,t get pics on right now gotta go to work I,ll try later
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Welcome glad you joined in!
Welcome Dan. That your shovel on the avatar ?
Gotta see them bike pics !!!!
the shovel is mine going to try to get some pics in i got alot haveing some problems
well guys had to get cell phone pics camera did not work . Heres the shovel and the pan as the sit right now.


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welcome aboard, i'm digging the pan. I have a similar set up on my 58, with a skinny 21.
Hey Dan- my eyesight must be s%&t! Thanks for posting pics -like em both.
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