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New in the UK

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Hello everyone - I'm Tom, live in Northampton in the UK.
Just finished my first bike - XS:eek: - but I've learn't a fair bit and will be applying that to my next build which is a 1960 T100a. Spent a few hours yesterday removing the rear end, as I've got a FMW tail coming next week, still deciding on the details such as wheel size etc, think I'm going for some sort of 2Gal tank.
Currently got a 7" SLS drum on the front, I'm looking to fit a TLS brake plate and probably replace the hub to a 19 or even 21" rim - if anyone has a spare brake plate they'd like to sell then please PM me.

Visiting California in 3 weeks time - flying into San Francisco and doing the tourist thing - hiring a car and driving - yosemite - vegas - LA and back up to SF - will be landing on 11th Oct, if anyone knows of any swapmeets - shows - cool places to visit etc - I'll be pleased to know.
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Here's a couple of bikes I like the look of, thinking of doing something similar with the T100:


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hi Tom - good to see another Brit' here.

JJ is a great resource look forward to your contribution.

re your front brake; my '63 T100 has had what looks like a straight swap fix for TLS from what i believe was a H*nda Black Bomber 450cc, downside, 36 spoke but i can live with that.

all the best.
Nice one, another brit! Looking forward to seeing your build thread on here!

Cheers Dan.
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