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New here, so an Introduction

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Name's Robert, on the California central coast. Joined Jockey Journal to take advantage of the considerable technical expertise here and to make acquaintances.

Am the original owner of a '69 BSA 441 Victor Special and a '67 Honda 305 Scrambler. Have a '68 Triumph Bonneville acquired years later.

I have a technical question about the Bonnie front brake, which I will post separately.

Thanks, Robert
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ps, just reread the Jockey Journal rules of the road and see that Japanese bikes are not addressed here (I mentioned my 305 Honda in the Introduction).

I can certainly understand that -- because Japan bikes have many many forums elsewhere. I appreciate the vintage and U.S. & Euro focus of this forum.

When I want advice on the vintage Honda, I'll look elsewhere. And, my three Brit bikes give me plenty to ask this forum about.

Thanks, Robert
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