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new hbars=new bike? sure.

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decided to swap Kinger's ol' drag bars. chopped an old set of H-D bars with internals and a Springer clamp i've had for years and years. after some grinding and tweaking, slapped on some rattle can flat black. i'm diggin' 'em. enjoy. or don't.


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SWEET! Always liked that look. Even better narrowed!
Love those "used" OEM grips..
oooo... nice!

that is a sweet bike!
Kinda wide
definitely. these are 24 1/2" where the broomstick was 18"

oh well, it's new to me!

thanks for the good words, fellas
Where did u get the aluminum bike fender? 7 eagle west?
Love the bike!
here's a clue...

Off a sprint,I got two of em but dont think Im gonna use em.
Looks real cool man! Do those holes at the top of the trees whistle while you're going down the road?
Aww man that looks killer, great job. Yep that's a sweet ride.
Do those holes at the top of the trees whistle?
not anymore. didn't want to use the ss cover. had some rubber tube cover nips and a pipe end cap. looks much better to boot.

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I have an old pair I have been meaning to get around to cop down myself. Can I ask how you got the cut off tubes out of the in-line stubs? Do I see a set screw/bolt holding in the new shorties or did you braise them in?

I always like your style on all your bikes!
very cool,even though I prefer wider,that looks right
how you got the cut off tubes out of the in-line stubs?
i got the clamp without hbars. yep, two button head screws on each bar. no welding or brazing 'cause i like the option to change 'em up.
Looks much better with the caps on it! Looks finished and professional.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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