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new guy

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hi guys my name is rolf i'm 43 years old and hail from holland(europe)
ive bin in to bike's all my adult life and was already in to them when i was young(according to my mother).

at the moment i'm busy building a new bike whit my old hardtailframe whit wich i rode around the whole of europe.
changed the frame so i can fit in an evo engine etc etc.
i can't keep a bike thghetter for more then 2 or 3 years and then i rip it appart and build something new,drives the wife crazy ha ha!

if any body reads this i'm looking for some things to visit in california cause i'l be staying there for a few weeks from the 21th of april til the 13th may.
got a great rental car to a real chevrolet.......aveo HA HA how care's about cars anyway
enough typing catch you guys later
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