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My name is David. I'm new to here sort of, i been reading tons of great information almost everyday . I had to get away from bikes, well 2 wheelers for awhile due ro health issues. But now I am back into them again.
I ride as often as my body allows me to. Which is more every week. I have several bikes that i am constantly tinkering with. My roadking is a 96, my shovel is a 79 and my xl is an 86. I am currently trying to build another ground up rigid, that I picked up for a deal. My short term memory is real bad so i read alot and ask alot. I take alot of notes in my build me journal, also lots of pictures. I am very mechanicaly inclined as my job as a boiler operator / boiler maker dictates. Any queations ask me please. Glad to be here in more than one way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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