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Hi all: New member, 64 year old long time motor head. Current bike is a brown '70 Bonneville based bobber, custom '77 Speed Metal hardtail frame, composite engine (mostly '70 Triumph), 4 speed case modified with a 5 speed, high compression pistons, straight pipes. Mooneyes oil tank, polished Triumph hubs laced to powder coated Triumph front rim/Harley rear rim. Early BMW reverse levers on powder coated drag bars, '69 Sachs Enduro headlight with LED bulb and custom mount. Powder coated headlight, rims and bars color matched to white distressed (naturally aged) solo seat. Plumbed with copper tubing and brass fittings. Equipped with brass components and copper leaf lettering on the modified Triumph repro (India) gas tank (filler cap moved to center and a boss for a copper vent line added).
I'm a Retired Army (and former Coast Guard) helicopter pilot, currently employed training EMS pilots. Current project is a '41 Chevy bobber truck to match the Triumph. I have a crew that helps with projects, son Russ is a gifted fabricator, friends Joe (paint) and Ewen (graphics) are key contributors. Married for 45+ years to my high school sweetheart who supports my projects (as long as I keep it within reason!)
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Beautiful bike sir! welcome.
There should be a better word for that color than "brown." That's a good-looking bike. Welcome.

James rats
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