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I only found this site by someone recomending it to me from HDForums very cool site, & love the old bike parts for sell section. looks like it is a gold mine.... :):D

about me, I been around the Harley scene for right at 30 years, longer if you count hanging aroung bikers, as a child, & my dad, who was one back in the late 40's & 50's & sold when he met my mom, but stayed around his friends until he passed away. he died before I bought my first one. a shame, I would have loved to see his face, or to see him back on a scoot.

anyway, I just picked up most of a shovel project, I have pretty good idea where I am going with it, unsure if I will use a 48 frame I have, or try to get a frame with a title preferably hard tailed.

money has been too tight, & just havent been in the scene lately, been riding a jap bike to keep on 2 wheels, as it was dirt cheap, & I like to ride in the neighborhood of 20,XXX miles a year, & have seen high side of 40,XXX miles a few years back on a shovel, thats alot of fun. last year I had fell & cracked some ribs, & didnt hit 9,XXX miles, one of my worse years in my lifetime when I had a bike on road, & very rare to not have one.

this bike is going to be built for occasional long distance running, planning for something in the lines of a sport bob tank modified, section added, & friscoed, & a triumph style luggage rack on top of tank for a duffle bag, also an aux 3 gallon rear tank, for roughly 300 mile stops. 3 degree bearing cups, & a couple inch over superglide front, jockey shift, 3" open primary, planning for 8 inch risers, with 2 to 4" rise style drag bars with a center support like dirt bikes, for a place for my MP3 player, & velcro speakers, & a drink holder. lol. also planning for universal type tires, for the occasion I want to venture to park off the beaten path, & like what was common to see back in the older days, when guys were not afraid to go exploring, & not afraid to get dirt or mud on their bikes. anyone remember seeing them, it was common in the 80's & before.

I have some other ideas, but until I test fit, & see if can be made to work, I will wait to see.

alot of my miles were put on in alcoholic hazes, just blasting with no where particular to go, or toss a coin on a map & go there, & then repeat, now I want to see, & enjoy the country side, & actually take pictures, something I never did, I have 4 pics I took of my last bike, & that was at home. so much craziness, & so many tales, as well as tails :D lol... :D but nothing to really show for it except for some memories, & so much I was drinking so hard. just at a loss to remember. I have straightened up, only drink very moderately & only at home.

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