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New guy from TN, stationed in San Diego.

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Whats up guys,
I'm Jordan, a 23 yr old Marine, I work on MCAS Miramar as a helicopter engine mechanic. I have a love for old school shit, and bare bones styling on bikes. I love to work on anything and everything mechanical. I don't have a bike right now, but as soon as I get out, and get settled in at home (in Jan.) I plan to build a rigid gooseneck frame, with a girder fork, some old school styling touches, a hotrod panhead, and a 4 speed jockey top with a Speed-E-shift if I can manage to find one in semi-working order to rebuild/rework and get it working right. If I can't it'll be a normal foot clutch, jockey shift setup. Narrow, nasty, and loud. Anyways, I look forward to learning a lot here, and I'll be looking for plenty of help once it comes time to build my dream bike this coming spring.
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Welcome to the Jockey Journal.
Thank You for Your Service.
Hey welcome, you'll have a good time here. Thanks for your service, and have a good time at home! I used to drive by Miramar on the way to work. Used to get buzzed by jets before they re-routed the freeway farther away from the end of the runway!:D:eek: Hell of a way to wake up!
Thanks for your service Jordan and welcome. What part of Tn. you from?
Knoxville are lol. Wifes from Clinton, and I'm from the Briceville/New River area. Highway 116 goes right by the road I lived on, and where I'm going back to, Duncan Flats (named after my family)
Cool deal! its a small world we live in,i live in Heiskell right next door to where your wifes from in clinton.Bet she knows where Hammers
Hell yes we both no where hammers is. I liked the old 3 story one back in the day wife lives up on quail hollow court. We both went to anderson county high back in the day
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