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Hi everybody, I'm the new guy from TN. My name is Marshall but you can just call me basket case. Why basket case? It all goes back about 10 years ago when I bought my Triumph as a basket of parts and a frame.
I somehow got the thing all togetger and running with some help from my Pops. It didnt take long until the bike started having problems, add that to what the economy has done in that same 10 years and I have had the bike sitting in my basement for 9 1/2 years not running.

As for my job, I am a production supervisor for a PVC pipe plant. There isnt anything I can say to make the job sound glamorous or fun. Its a job and it pays the bills.
Now that I have a job that seems to be somewhat steady I have started working on the triumph. I hope to have her up and running the streets soon.
Thanks for haing me. Basket Case.


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