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New guy from Ohio

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Hey all! New to the board, but I've been reading post and just generally lurking for a year or two. I've been struggling through building a bar hopper BSA A65 Hornet. Learned a ton of stuff, but still a ton of stuff to learn!
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danm bring on the Yankees,,welcome man..
Whereabouts in Ohio? I am a new guy in Doylestown (Akron-Canton area).
Welcome - I'm in Cleveland as well, although I know nothing about Beezers.
Stinky Pete - Whereabouts around Cleveland/ I am about 40 miles dues south of downtown C-Town... straight down I-77 south until Rt. 21 splits off, then 10 miles south on Rt. 21.
I'm in Parma, right off 480. I can't say I've been in your neck of the woods yet...not sure I've been much further south than Medina.

I checked out your site - the work looks nice. I really dig that ironhead.
Thanks for the props on the IH... just finished it this Fall. It is supposed to be displayed in The Horse mag sometime within the next couple months... that's why we shot the pin-up girl pics :)
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