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Hi all. I finally decided to check out the board. Cool stuff. Im riding a new 06 glide my first harley and im thinking about another project like a bobber so thats why I joined up. I play with hot rods too. I work at a place in michigan as a machine builder repairman programmer and I built the machine to assemble and test part of the disconnect for the harley injection. I was scheduled to build another machine but a recent heart attack kinda stopped that. I got good care and a stent installed and im off work for another 3 weeks prolly to recoup so the company hired the machine programmed outside. I guess I cant blame em harley or actually delphi wants 100 percent good parts so it needed to be done. Anyway thats enuff about me. Oh ya we make parts for the Victory too if anyone cares. Ive owned a few 650 triumphs and bsa's I sure wish I had em now
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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