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New Guy from Ky.

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What's up all? I'm James. Wanting to get me a bike someday, till then...I'm wanting to learn all I can. I'm wanting me an old a Shovel. I like the old iron better. I like the old school biker stuff, not much into the OCC and Jesse James stuff. Whatever bike I get would be my first bike. I've got dirt bike and Atv experience though. Was thinking about building a bike, but I've read about the headaches of trying to get insurance for a scratch built bike, so.....figured...Lord willing...saving up for one instead. Nice to be here...Later

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Welcome James, you might want to buy an older beater and start out just tinkering with it. The best way is the simplest way to start out. I bought a triumph 500 when I was 17yrs old, it kept me busy for 2 summers both fixing and riding! (back in 64).....
welcome from another Ky boy (albeit i've been transplanted, LOL). i'm from the Richmond area, but i had some good times in Pikeville and Paintsville as a high school student in the FFA.

best advice i can give ya on the scooter is to buy something that's running and build your dream bike from there. you'd be amazed how much the little stuff will nickel and dime you to death if you don't. plus, you can sell off what you don't end up using to help pay for what you want.

good luck!
Welcome from Iowa!
Hey from another ky boy just wanted to say the board. And I am pretty sure you can't license a home built bike in this state so get you a runner and chop or bob it from there. Any way good luck.
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