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New guy, 1st Bike, many questions

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Hello all, I bought a 1990 Sportster about a year ago and spent the winter tinkering around with it. After cosmetic upgrades (bars, lights, etc) Ive decided that I want to start getting more out of this motor. Ive been looking into options to swap sprockets, convert to belt drive, and even convert the top end with the 1200 kit but I'm not sure what the best option is.

Any and all information / suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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1200 kit I believe led sled offers it for 512 bucks
Welcome and congrats an your first bike.
You may wont to use the search for old threads your questions may have been asked and answered before. If you cant find what you need then ask away.
....First off....

Welcome to the Best Motorcycle form on the net...


The 1200 big bore for the 883's is taking your OEM jugs out .500 on the bore..
That's a nice way of getting alot more displacement...
Bad part about that is the 883 heads being small valved..

With most kits that go to 1200cc's They come with a reverse dome piston to keep the compression down using the stock heads...

If you can come up with a set of stock 1200 heads would be no need for those pistons..Can run the 1200 pistons...

For the big bang....Could go with a set of Buell Thunder Heads and the matching pistons for them...They have the same size valve as a stock 80" Evo big twin has...And reworked ports for higher flow numbers..

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Hang around a while and use the "Search" feature. It will answer all your questions.

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