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new from ****

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My name is Lee Smith and I live in San Diego. I have been riding for close to 3 decades. I love all types of motorcycles, I just prefer old HD's. I remember as a small child getting my hand stuck in carberators and my dad helping me get them out...or sometimes leavivg it in for a laugh with his friends. Been playing with anything with two wheels ever since. I have had SEVERAL motorcycles, but have only owned one at a time. I love the feeling of knowing your bike, and it being a real part of you. When you rode parked and slept under it without getting hassled. I'm still a young man of 40 years but I have put some miles on bikes, and have been broken down from Mexico to the Midwest. The newest bike I've ever owned was a 80 FLH. That doesn't mean I don't ride with I said I like all bikes. But if you work on your bike and know that feeling of making it somewhere because of your skill and knowledge of your ride..well you've earned a little bit more of my respect.

I just sold a 77 flh and with the money found a 58 pan. Still cradled is the 58 frame. I have the round swingarm but someone put a square one on with a disk...which I'll probably leave on. I'm going to build this one as a bobber as i get funds. Ill try to attach a pic if I can. This is what it looks like now but will look a tad differ ant when done. I font need to do much since I'm taking off rather then putting on. I need a sporty tank...I'm changing the bars and a few more things to make it look period...but that's it. She is a 3 kicker cold, nd a 1 kick warm ..I got lucky.If there r other old bike guys in **** I'd like to run in to you someday.
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welcome! sounds like you will fit right in!
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