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Hi all

Just signed up after lurking around for a while.

Just bought myself a 30th birthday present, a '50 Triumph Thunderbird 6T bob/chop.

(excuse the crappy cellphone pic)

Plans are for a strip down, rewire, repaint, drop the white rubbers and seat for black and then reassemable in time for the one week of sun we expect per summer.

The proportions of the forks/head angle look off to me a little so i'm not sure if its been raked, need to get the measuring tape out!

With regards to me, i'm a long time hot rod/bike fan who's only just found the means to be able to indulge in the scene. The mrs and I are huge rockabilly/pshychobilly fans which goes hand in hand with the cars and bikes. We've been over to Vegas for VLV a couple of times but its getting very expensive now!

Job wise I work in IT which is a far cry from anything I'm into outside of work so sit at a desk all day desperate to get home to the garage!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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