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New from NC with a T100R project

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New guy here from Winston Salem, NC. Been many years since I've had a bike, and been wanting to get back into it, so just picked up this T100R project locally. From what I can tell, it's a '72 motor in a '61(?) frame. Unknown hardtail, "homemade" springer that's burly as hell (wide glide?), and super low with about 5" of clearance. Figure I'll ride it a bit since the weather is still pretty fair here, and then work on the motor over the cold months. It starts on the first kick nearly every time, but runs a little rough and leaks quite a bit, so could at least use some new seals. Looking forward to some input once I break it down (I know car motors - that's my '52 F1 in the background, but bike motors are still foreign to me). Anyway, since threads are useless without pics, here's some cell phone pics from the day I brought it home about a month or so ago.....

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...hello man, I like your bike; I think with a few changes will be super cool
Old bikes don't leak -- they mark their spot.

Nice bike, ya got a lot going on there with it.
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