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New from Miami Lakes

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Hello everybody, my name is Isaac and I live in Miami Lakes. I just purchased my first motorcycle a 2012 HD Iron 883 in Ember Red. I purchased the bike with no riding experience, i didnt even know how to drive a stick shift car. I figure life is short and its time to start checking things off the bucket list.

I purchased before knowing how to ride it and just passed my Basic Rider Course about a week ago. Hoping to get a bit of practice and maybe find a few people to cruise with after getting a few miles of practice under my belt.

This site seems informative and i hope to learn and contribute as time goes by. Anybody from Miami out there???
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Hello Tattoo, i took the Basic Rider Course two weekends ago and just got my license on Friday. I went out for a little ride on Saturday and Sunday morning, trying to get a little bit of experience before driving out in the crazy Miami traffic. If you know of any threads here for South Florida events, cruises, sales, etc it will be appreciated.
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