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Well, just wanted to say howdy. Nothing real special or different than anyone. I like old bikes, cars and anything old and mechanical and always have a project or two going. I learned long ago that if you have old shit, you better know how to work on it. I'm not a great mechanic, fabricator or anything for that matter but keep my mouth shut and soak up as much as I can from people that know a hell of a lot more than I do so that's why I'm here. I have a 76 Shovel that's in a zillion pieces at the moment and this 77 Ironhead. This place is an unreal amount of knowledge and it's very appreciated.


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Hell yeah. Anything old and mechanical. You will be a welcome guy on here, with that attitude. Welcome and get busy on that shovel.

· spinning in his Grave right about now...:eek:

And ya know with all the Old Rat-Rods that has his name on them, is probably kicking him into Hiperdrive. :D


Say.....Speaking of OLD.....
Thought this was kinda cute.....

A Biker Wannabe!
A little 80 year old lady had always wanted to join a local bikers club.

One day she goes up and knocks on a biker's door. A big, hairy
bearded biker with tattoos all over his arms answers.

She proclaims, "I want to join your club."

The guy was quite amused, but explains that she needs to meet certain
biker requirements in order to join the club . The biker asks;
"Do you have a motorcycle?

The little old lady replies, "Yep, my bike's parked over there,"
and pointed to a flamed black Harley chopper in the driveway.

The biker asks, "Do you drink?"

The little old lady replies, "Yep, drink like a fish... beer mostly,
whiskey when I'm shooting pool..
I'll drink everyone in your club under the table."

The biker is surprised but then asks, "Do you smoke?"

The little old lady replies, "Yep, smoke like a chimney.
At least 2 packs of cigarettes and three joints a day ,

and cigars when I'm drinking whiskey and shooting pool"

The biker is very impressed and asks, "Last question, have you ever
been picked up by the fuzz...?"

The little old lady thinks for a minute and says,
"Nope, but I've been swung around by my nipples a few times...."


And this is the reason why you shouldn't let "Little Old ladys" join your club..!!!

Unless Needlepoint and Crocheting is your thing....Please past the Earl-Gray...Thank-You

Again Welcome to JJ.

Not all the members here are as Nutty as I am...

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