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New bike for my sons

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Picked this up yesterday for my two sons it's a 2002 PW 80
The two year old need to grow a bit but my 5 year old should be on it soon..a firend of mine has a 50 that he can learn on first

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coo teach, get em in some engineering boots. I remember my buddies dad bought his little daughter an xr80 and she would never ride it, so my friend and his dad ended up wheeling it and jumpin it till every seal on the bike was completely blown.

I'm just finishing this for my son (6 years old)...
1969 Fox Doodlebug. The original motor is a 3.5 Tecumseh.

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in 1974 I got one of these as my first bike.....

In purple....and my gas tank had a dent just like the one in the photo.....if you crash the bars hit the tank.....
They make good bikes to learn on. I bought one for my kids too. Mine is an older one (an 84) and I took the oil injector off. I heard stories about them going bad and torching the motor from running pure gas in it. I just run pre-mix in it now. My 12 y.o. is about outgrownit, my 9 year old daughter is scared to death of it, and my 3 year old girl can't wait to get her hands on it!
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